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Lehigh Draws



    It was a beautiful spring day for Australian Football in the Lehigh Valley on April the 29th when the Baltimore/Washington Eagles visited nazareth to take on the local Crocodiles football team. A big crowd was on hand to witness the spectacle and they were not disappointed.

The game was hard fought by both sides.. The contest was extremely even with first a goal for the Eagles and then one to the Crocs.. No one player could dominate and the score at the end of the first quarter saw the Valley team hold a minimal advantage 2-3-15 to the Eagles 2-2-14.

Each quarter was similar to the first with neither team able to break away. There was some tough, hard-hitting football and at the end of the first half the Crocs led 6-6-42 to the Eagles 4-7-31.

At the final change Lehigh Valley was 13 points up scoring 8-7-55 to the Eagles 6-6-42.

The last quarter was all set to be a cracking contest. Both teams were so desperate and the tackling was magnificent. With five minutes left the Crocs were 12 points up but then a great play by Baltimore resulted in a goal. With only a couple of minutes left the Crocs were six points up. All players produced Herculean efforts and with only a few seconds left Baltimore/Washington were moving forward. A kick from the boundary line was awarded a goal by the field umpire; seconds later the siren sounded and the game was a draw. Both teams felt unlucky but the result was indicative of how closely matched these teams had become. The final score was 10-9-69 a piece.

Goalkickers were R. Giabardo 3, Jason Amstutz 2, DJ DiPetrillo 2, with 1 each to terry Huff, Dustin Jones and Butch Miechur.

Best players were Dustin Jones, Adam Roth, Josh Loring, Terry Huff, Jon Loring and Mike Roloson.