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Lehigh Valley Crocodiles .vs 

Baltimore/Washington Eagles

Played 4/9/00 in Baltimore



    What started out to be a miserable day for football with snow and 50 mile hour winds turned into a very good contest of footy. The crocodiles left a bleak and snowy Nazareth with visions of playing ‘snow ball’ in the city of Baltimore. 13 hard core and tough players made the journey to play 14 a side football against the Eagles, unbeaten for the millenium.

Baltimore graciously gave us 3 players, one whom was out after the first five minutes, leaving us with one interchange player. The field was woeful – to put it politely – and considering the weather, nothing was enticing about playing footy this afternoon.

But the guys got down to business and a great struggle developed. The skills on both teams were surprisingly good, considering a gale was blowing directly across the field. The ball went from one end to the other and at the end of the first quarter the Crocs held a one point lead.

The second term was very similar with the Crocs starting to take control. The two Jasons and Dustin repeatedly drove the ball downfield, but our team could not convert opportunities. At the end of the first half the Crocs still held a one point lead. The score: Crocs 2-8-20 to the Eagles 2-7-19.

The third term was a desperate affair with many shots at goal from both teams. The blustery conditions made it difficult to score goals but Baltimore/Washington were able to score one lucky goal! At three quarter time the score was Balt/Wash. 3-12-30 to the Crocs 2-15-27.

The final term saw the eagles kick a quick goal only to have it answered by Dustin Jones on a quick snap. Point after point was scored until the eagles, running in numbers, kicked another goal. In the end, the Crocs had been beaten by only 9 points but had put up a huge effort. The final score had the eagles 5-15-45 to the Crocs 3-18-36.

Goalkickers were Jason Amstutz, Jason Fregar and Dustin Jones. Best players were Dustin Jones, Jason Fregar, Jason Amstutz, Josh Loring, Brian Nelson, Jon Loring, Chris Elphick and Nolan Berlew.