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LV vs. Philly

October 7th in Lehigh



   Saturday saw our last home game for the 2000 season in preparation for the National tournament on October 14. The Crows traveled up from Philly to play 14 a side on a beautiful day for football. The Crocs were too strong for an under-manned Philadelphia team and put together 4 consistently strong quarters. The Crows are looking like a stronger team and did not have 4 or 5 of their best players. This points to the local rivalry next season as being a lot closer than in the past.

   For the Crocs on Saturday the defense led by Mike Zin and Josh Loring seemed impenetrable. Robby Kemmerer was very strong up forward but the game was won out of the center. Wayne Callis, in his first game, was unbeatable in the ruck and started many of the drives by directing the ball to the four speedy centermen - Dustin Jones, Terry Huff, Nolan Berlew and Mike Roloson. The Crows were virtually on the defense the entire game and were winning at full back where the Crocs were struggling. The final score was 18.30.138 to 3.8.26 appears to be a one-sided game, but the crows never stopped trying. The game was played in good spirit throughout.

Goalkickers for the Lehigh Valley Crocs were Dustin Jones with 5, Terry Huff with 4, Nolan Berlew with 3, Rob kemmerer, Kyle Barnowski and Mike Roloson with 2 each. Best player is hard to choose as many of the Crocs played very well.