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Crocodiles Invade Canada

September 30th


    The Lehigh Valley Crocodiles Australian Football Club traveled to Toronto this past weekend to play a combined Canadian team as part of the Canadian Australian Football Association grand final weekend. Many of the Canadians had played on the Canadian international team and so the odds looked to be stacked against the Lehigh Valley boys. The conditions were warm and breezy and the field in magnificent shape as the two teams stepped out onto the arena to do battle.

    Terry Huff, the captain for the day, won the toss and elected to kick with the aid of a strong wind. The Crocs started magnificently driving the ball out of the center and piling on goal after goal. The defense was rock solid and at the end of the first quarter the Crocs led the Canadian team 5.7.37 to no score. Joey Kardelis, Rob Kemmerer, Mike Roloson and Nolan Berlew were excellent contributors.

    The second quarter was going to be the decider. Would the Canadians get back into the game with the breeze behind them or could the Crocs defense hold on? The quarter was very even with the defense playing magnificently. Coach Giabardo gave the Crocs an aim and that was to outscore the opposition. Every player worked hard and ran at the football with fierce determination and as a result the Crocs kicked four more points than the Canadian team. The score at the half - Lehigh Valley 7.11.53 to Canada 2.0.12. The third quarter is referred to as the championship quarter in Australian football. The Crocs needed to make a statement and blast away the opposition. Normally our 3rd quarter has been our weakest but not on this day. With Rob Kemmerer, Dustin Jones and Nolan Berlew dominating the Crocs were relentless. They scored 39 points while only allowing one point. The score at the last change was Lehigh Valley 13.14.92 to Canada 2.1.13. By this stage Canada had nothing to lose except pride as the game was beyond their reach. The final quarter was fairly even with the Crocs once again outpointing the home team. The final score was Lehigh Valley Crocodiles 17.17.113 to Canada 4.2.26

Best players for the Crocs were Rob Kemmerer, Dustin Jones, Nolan Berlew, Terry Huff, Joey Kardelis, Jon Loring and Mike Zin. Goalkickers: Rob Kemmerer 7, Dustin Jones 3, Rob Giabardo 2, Merlin Rico 2, Terry Huff, Nolan Berlew and Todd Messinger all 1 apiece.