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Crocodiles Maul Crows

The Lehigh Valley Australian Football Club was back in town on Saturday, June 5th, to take on the Philadelphia Crows. Lehigh Valley, now officially known as the Crocodiles, really put the bite on the Crows.

The game was played in balmy conditions at the Nazareth High School football field and started off quite evenly. The Crocs quickly kicked two goals but Philly answered right away to kick two of their own. However, soon after this, the game became very one-sided with the Crocs kicking another five goals to lead 7 goals, 1 behind, 43 points to the Crows 3 goals, 3 behinds, 21 points at the end of the quarter.

Philadelphia expected to make a comeback in the second quarter with the aid of a slight breeze, but Lehigh Valley was relentless. Brad Miechur and Bobby Fehr were virtually unbeatable in the first half and by the half-time break Lehigh Valley Crocodiles led the Philadelphia Crows 15 goals, 3 behind, 93 points to 7 goals, 7 behinds, 49 points.

In the third term Lehigh Valley totally dominated the game with Dustin Jones and Nolan Berlew running the opposition ragged. Jon and Josh Loring, together with Adam Roth, were extremely solid in defense only allowing Philadelphia to score one goal for the quarter. Todd Messinger started to control the forward line and by the end of the third quarter Lehigh Valley led 22 goals, 5 behinds, 137 points to Philadelphia 8 goals, 8 behinds, 56 points.

Most people thought that in the last quarter the Crocodiles would take it easy and Philadelphia would make a big effort to save face. However, that was not to be. Messinger, Miechur and Fehr completely annihilated their opponents and were well fed by the speedy Greg Webber, Nolan Berlew and the tough Aaron Roth. The final score showed the dominance of Lehigh Valley over Philadelphia. The Crocodiles won big kicking 28 goals, 7 behinds, 175 points to the Crows 11 goals, 8 behinds, 74 points. Goal kickers for the Crocodiles were as follows: Bobby Fehr 11, Brad Meichur 8, Todd Messinger 4, Rob Giabardo 3 and Dustin Jones 2. Best Players were Brad Miechur, Josh Loring, Dustin Jones, Bobby Fehr, Adam Roth, Todd Messinger and Nolan Berlew, yet the rest of the team all played a significant role in demolishing Philadelphia.

Next Saturday, the 12th of June, the Crocodiles will play host to one of the top teams in the country the New York Magpies. The final game for the spring session will be held at the Nazareth High School football field and is to commence at 1:00 PM. It should be a cracker of a game so be there to support the Crocodiles.