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The First LVAFC Game: Results


The LVAFC kicked off their inaugural season Saturday, May the 8th, when they took on the powerful New York City Magpies. Hosting the Pies at their home turf, the Nazareth High School, the Lehigh Valley team put on a mighty effort. The lead changed hands many times, but at the end of the game only 4 points separated the teams. New York kicked 19-0-114 pts. to beat the home team who kicked 18-2-110.

Coach Giabardo said," For our team to play so well against a dominating force like New York was truly amazing. The New Yorkers thought they would come here and win this by 20 goals. They really received a big shock!" The NY Magpies are one of the favorites this year to win the National Championships held in Cincinnati during October and have been one of the strongest teams in the country for about four years. The Lehigh Valley Team, on the other hand, has only been going for three weeks so it was an amazing effort for the team to even be competitive. However, the locals have taken to this new sport quite rapidly and are showing tremendous skills and game knowledge already. The spectators were thoroughly entertained and seemed to grasp the new game quickly. Most thought it to be, "exciting and non-stop action."

For the Magpies the best players were Matt Reed and David Wake who kicked 16 goals between them. For the Lehigh Valley the best players were Dustin Jones, Maurie Geake, Tim Cunningham, Bob Fehr, Nolan Berlew, and well, basically everyone else!

Goal Kickers were as follows: Bob Fehr 5, R. Giabardo 4, Tim Cunningham 3, Dustin Jones 3, Brad Miechur 2, John Loring 1.

Once again, an amazing effort by Lehigh Valley!