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Blues versus Rovers

Played 4/1/00 at Nazareth


    The Crocs split up into 2 sides (Blues vs Rovers) on Saturday to play an 11 a side game. It was quite the spectacle with everybody improving on past performances. Playing in actual games is definitely an education worthy of gaining if you want to get better fast.

The final score was Rovers 4-7-31 to the Blues 3-10-28. It was a terrific contest played tough, hard and tenacious by each player. As a coach, it is great to see the team’s skills improving weekly.

Best players for the Rovers were: Terry Huff, Scott Frankenfield, Nolan Berlew, Jason Amstutz, Josh Loring, Dale Ward and Jeremy Silimperi. Goalkickers – 1 each to Jason Amstutz, Scott Frankenfield, John Schultheis, and Dale Ward. Best players for the Blues were: Jon Loring, Dustin Jones, Butch Meichur, Chris Elphick, Adam Roth, and Todd Messinger. Goalkickers were 1 each to Greg Herbster, Todd Messinger and Butch Meichur

Hopefully we can get a big turn-out to practice this Wednesday and Thursday in order to prepare for the very tough game on Sunday against the Baltimore/Washington eagles. After this game we have New York on Saturday the 15th of April then Easter. After Easter we should be picking up another 3 very good players in time take on Balt/Wash. here on the 29th of April.

The jumpers have been ordered and will be shipped from Australia on Thursday or Friday of this week. It should take anywhere between 9 and 14 days for them to arrive. If you have not paid please do so soon. Also remember we are on the lookout for major sponsors – 1 for $500 AND 1 FOR $1000. For $500 they get their name on a T shirt while the major sponsor will be on our Jumpers for good.

Wednesday practice will be on the practice field and will have to be run by Jason, Josh and Jon as we are playing Eastburg on the Soccer field.

Get fit any way you can. All details for the game on Sunday will be sent as soon as B/W have responded.